TV BROADCAST:  The ministry’s flagship television program “FaithWalk” launched in March of 2022 to an audience of millions of potential viewers around the world.

Anchored by Dr. Susek’s more than 50 years of extensive study of God’s word, his preaching of the “pure and simple Gospel of Jesus Christ” remains central to the heart of the weekly 30 minute programming series.

“FaithWalk” brings the Word of God and the lens of spiritual interpretation into understanding  today’s global headlines—focusing on topics that are vital, relevant  and spiritually  essential to salvation in the challenging times in which we live. Our mission through television is to prepare hearts, equip  the Body of Christ, and win souls. MORE-ABOUT FAITHWALK


“Faithwalk is far more than the title of our new television series. It is the only path of life that pleases  God.”

~ Dr. Ron Susek



Through “on the ground” Great Commission Summits and international meetings, under Dr. Susek’s direction and “hand’s on” dedication, the work of SEA has reached and changed thousands of lives with the Good News of Jesus Christ over the last five decades. He has ministered in distant lands around the world to plant and nurture a new generation of young ministers under his mentorship. Most recently, in 2021, “FaithWalk House” in  Zimbabwe was established—raised up and built from the seeds of generous SEA partners—to thrive as a  training hub of biblical evangelism in southern Africa.
  1. Since 2013 we have conducted nearly twenty Great Commission Summits.
  2. Some 2,000 Christian leaders have attended.
  3. Our goal is to encourage and equip one million Christians worldwide to bring an average of 100 each to salvation, resulting in 100 million people escaping hell and entering heaven.
  4. Today, there are many young evangelists who are going forth from the summits to take the pure and simple Gospel to regions we could never otherwise touch.
  5. Contact us to learn how you can hold a Great Commission Summit. Dr. Susek will either speak in person or via media.


An anchor SEA resource, born out of years of Dr. Susek’s dedicated path of pastoring, counseling and delving into the true depths of God’s Word, this is a “must” study for every Christian desiring to go deeper in understanding and applying God’s principles for living. Made available as a  thirteen-week video and study guide designed for individual or group ministry, the series is a true God-centered life course to enable people to experience something lacking in many hearts—well-being.  Biblical principles are taught that when applied, go beyond revolution to transformation, freedom, purpose, and the  ultimate discovery of personal intimacy with God. This unique approach to applying the Gospel to deeper levels of understanding has unlocked the life mission of many people.

  1. DISCOVERING THE REAL YOU is a must study for every Christian, especially those needing the answers toserious life challenges or who want to help someone who is struggling to apply the Gospel. Countless life-changing results have come from people who took this biblical course.
    1. A woman imprisoned for life for murdering her child said, “Until I took this course, I blamed my mother for my conduct. Now, I am taking responsibility and trusting God’s forgiveness.”
    2. A depressed man contemplating suicide because he was told by a professional that he would have to live with this condition for life was transformed in one hour. How? His heart and mind were aligned with truth, and God set him free.
  2. A 100% biblical approach to understanding and applying life principles.
  3. Having taken the course, you will be equipped to help many people find their way to well-being.
  4. An excellent Bible group study course with strong practical application for both church and home use.