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Happy Beautiful Time of the Year!
Monday, November 16, 2015 by Diane Susek

Happy Beautiful Time of the Year!                                                                                                 16 November 2015

I love all the seasons but there is something about the crisp, sunny days of October that are especially beautiful to me. It also reminds me that Christmas is coming!  Yeah!   This year, south central Pennsylvania is experiencing October-esque weather even now in mid-November.  Thank you, Lord!

I have taken advantage of these warm days to work outside with our good friend, Sherrie, who helps me plant in the spring and clear out in the fall.  I am amazed that even though we have had a few frosty nights and most of my beautiful zinnias and roses and hydrangeas have surrendered, there is still plenty of weeding to do.  Some of those gnarled vines are as green as they are in midsummer.  They can even look pretty!  Isn’t it amazing how it is sometimes difficult to get flowers to grow but you can depend on the weeds to thrive under any conditions?  They are very tenacious.  Much of the care of our lovely plants and vegetables is keeping the weeds from choking them.  We never ever have to “water” the weeds; they do just fine themselves, thank you very much!! So, we have to be vigilant and remove them so the wonderful things can grow and become strong.

Why am I going on about this?  Well, it made me think as I was on my knees weeding that there can be weeds in my life that, if left unpurged, can choke out the blessings and the spiritual growth.  How easy it is for me to sometimes think of the “weeds” more than the colorful flowers.  Do I “water” the weeds in my life?  Well, yes, I do, if I am allowing them to grow and develop.  It is so important to remember that we must feed (and water) and care for the blessings that God has put in our lives and weed out the negative thoughts….the pride, the offenses, the bitterness, the outright sin, ANYthing that robs us of the good things God has placed in us, thus, keeping us from full fellowship with Him.  Strange that of all the encouragement Christian friends can bring to us, it is easy to focus on the one negative that someone slings our way.  Just as it is important to identify a growth as really a weed before pulling it out, we must examine our hearts to see if God is using someone to point out something in us that needs to be addressed, or if it is really a “weed” that should be yanked by the root.  Yes, yanked by the root.  We all know that if you simply cut off the top of a weed and not pull out the root, it will be back before you know it.  Have you ever encountered a thistle? Thistles are certainly a good example.  They are prickly and hard to root out.  So, the sin in our lives creeps back to distract and perhaps eventually destroy us and make us less than God wants us to be.

Just some food for thought.  Let’s get busy with the fertilizer… reading God’s Word, communing with Him, sitting under good teaching, fellowshipping with other believers, practicing God’s presence, going the extra mile with those in need.  You and I know the drill.  It will bring strong and beautiful results and God will be pleased!

I am so thankful for you and love hearing from you.  Thanksgiving blessings and love…Diane


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