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July, a Note from Diane
7/17/2013 7:15:53 AM by: Diane

Hey, my friends....it’s summer!  I love it!  What a joy to have lots of flowers around our yard.  There’s a patch outside of our back door where I plant zinnia seeds every year and I love watching them pop up through the soil and develop beautiful blooms.  I used to sing a song about just that.  “I’ve seen the lily push its way up through the stubborn sod; I believe in miracles, for I believe in God”.  How true...the miracle of life in those little seedlings!  How can anyone deny our great Creator!  Then, there are the four hanging baskets on our front porch.  They are filled with pink and purple petunias.  They have begun to look a bit “spindly” right now so I was told to cut them back at least six inches.  What???  Remove those beautiful flowers?  I could hardly make myself do it.  “They will come back even more beautiful and full if you do”, I was told.  So, okay, I finally did it...just today...and being the sensitive soul that I am, I actually wondered if they could feel the pain of the scissors!  So, as I feed and water them now, they will get stronger after having been pruned.  Same with us; we know the Word talks of the importance of pruning in our lives.  In John 15:1-6, the Father prunes the vine that it may bear more fruit.  Painful?  Yes, sometimes it is, but oh, the results!  I’ll send a picture of the petunias in weeks to come!  Stay tuned! And let me hear from you!

Love, Diane

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