Mission & Education

Terry and Doris Ortman live in Chambersburg, PA. with their dog Tosca and cats, Sibelius, Salome and Stravinsky. Both are involved in fulltime Christian ministry as faith supported missionaries with Susek Evangelistic Association (SEA), Gettysburg, PA
Terry’s ministry with SEA has taken him to three continents and the Pacific Rim. Doris speaks and sings for various organizations as well as plays piano in church and directs the J.O.Y. (Just Older Youth) Chorale, a senior citizen choir in Franklin County, PA.


Biblical Based Curriculum And Education Fundamentals Workshop

Terry will lead a education/curriculum workshop anywhere in the world.  He covers the cost of round trip travel.  The host organization must provide all in country needs.  For more information concerning his workshops contact him at [email protected]

Overview of Biblical Based Curriculum

- Content: 36 Character traits
Bible story
Memory verse
Integrated activities for subject areas

7 E's on Teaching Character Traits

- Begin with Examine and continue
Through to Evaluation

The Blessing

- Five biblical aspects of the blessing
From Trent & Smalley book,
The Gift of the Blessing


Great Commandment and 3 H's

- Importance of principle of
Head, Heart and Hand

Three Domains of Teaching

- Cognitive, Affective, Psychomotor
Share techniques for implementing
The three domains in daily teaching activities


Terry does the workshop in one to four day sessions.  The more days, the more "hands on" activities can be done.  I like to follow up with demonstrations in the classrooms to show that it can be done and to understand the limitations they may have in their particular situation.  Learn how to make the Bible relevant to your students and improve your teaching abilities."