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Don't Blame Jesus for War
8/19/2013 10:51:30 AM by: Ron Susek

Don't Blame Jesus for War

by Ron Susek

©Golden Quill Publications


     Jesus Christ never started a war, nor have his true followers.

     Of the many motivations that provoke wars, the one that stands supreme is the sense of supremacy.

     Adolf Hitler's megalomania that stirred the belief in Aryan supremacy is common knowledge. This ill-fated evil led to the horrifically godless executions of 10 million Christians and 6 million Jews, not to mention the millions who died on forsaken battlefields. The only fitting word people found to describe this godless massacre was "Holocaust".

     At the same time, however, the Japanese were driven in WWII by the same sense of supremacy. Did you know that Japanese soldiers boasted to the Pacific islanders that they were the "Emperors of the Universe?"1

     Today's Islamic aggression, known as jihad, is driven by the same sense of supremacy. Only the ill-informed believe that terrorist strikes result from poor desert people who feel frustrated by the benefits of more developed civilizations. Contrarily, as is seen in the Conditions of Omar, they rape, steal, murder, kidnap and subdue from a sense of superiority.2

     Superiority, which is godless in origin, holds a sense of entitlement; i.e., one is free to take from inferiors: take everything from their wealth to their lives, from their homes to their dignity.

     Run your finger across the pages of history and you will find a sense of supremacy to be the leading instigator of war. You cannot blame that on a Man kneeling in the dust with a wet cloth wiping feet; a Man who told his followers to do the same. If anyone had the right to flaunt supremacy, it was Jesus. But he chose the role of a servant. Supremacy does not tell followers to give food and water to enemies and to do good to those who despitefully use them.

     Jesus does not start wars, but He will end all wars at the battle of Armageddon. Then, the Prince of Peace will begin His reign.

     Today, Jesus is selecting those who will reign with Him. Preparation starts at the cross where confessed sin is pardoned; especially the sin of supremacy (often expressed as selfishness, arrogance and self-seeking spirit).  Only those donning true humility will reign with Him.

     On that day, when the last trace of smoke blows from the Armageddon battlefield, as Jesus Christ steps to his throne in Jerusalem, will we be prepared to reign with Him? That will be determined by the depth to which we allow God to form the image of His Son in us, who Himself is the very image of His Father.


Immanuel: God is with you.

Your friend,



1For the Good of Mankind, Jack Niedenthal, Micronitor Publishing, Majuro, Marshall Islands, 2001, Pg. 43.

2Crucified Again, Ray Ibramim,Regnery Publishing, Inc, Washington DC 2013, Pg. 80. 



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