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Why Satan Wants You Back
9/10/2013 6:11:05 AM by: Ron Susek

Why Satan Wants You Back

by Ron Susek

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      Have you ever wondered why Egypt's Pharaoh, having suffered great loss from the plagues, including the dreadful death of his own firstborn, would send hoards of soldiers pounding across the desert to recapture Israel? Was it not perfectly stupid to agitate Israel's God any further?

      The Pharaoh's reasons can range from pride to lunacy. I think, however, that one of the leading reasons was economic. Think about it, Moses had just collapsed Egypt's slave-based economy. Pharaoh's dreams were crumbling before his eyes. He would have no more cheap bricks tromped and dried by weary, enslaved Israelites.

      Despite the miracles that had just brought him loss, pride blinded him to the power of Israel's God, resulting in the sudden end of his military.

      Just as Pharaoh had no power or authority to hold Israel captive, so at the cross Satan lost all power and authority over you. Upon confession and repentance your sins were forgiven. You rose from the waters of baptism symbolizing your new life to be lived in the power of the Holy Spirit. You are no longer stomping in mud pits making bricks for the kingdom of darkness. You are laying up treasures in heaven as you progress toward our eternal Promised Land.

      But constantly, you are dogged by your old slave master trying to bring you back to the mud pits of sin. Why? Satan knows he can never own your soul again. So, what is this madness that keeps him trying to cause you to fall?

      Frankly, his pride has him in an end-time rage. He lost his bid for God's throne in eternity past and was thrown from heaven as quickly as lightning flashes across the sky. He lost his bid for God's highest creation (you) when Jesus obediently died on the cross. Defeated, there is nothing left for him to do but seek to rob God of the glory due His name.

      And he works hard at that. He knows that to discourage or defeat you will hinder the development of God's kingdom and dim his glory in the eyes of some people. So, like a wild-man he hurls stumbling stones under your feet: temptation, set-backs, insults, slander, illness, discord . . . or anything else he can find to throw at you.

      Herein is your opportunity to highly glorify God, by overcoming his attacks and proving God's faithful love to deliver. Herein you shame the devil and exalt the glory of your Heavenly Father.

      One of my desires is to be Satan's worst nightmare, emptying his kingdom and populating the kingdom of God. To do so, we must give him no footholds, no strongholds. We must walk in the purity of our calling.

      So, let's fight a good fight together. Let's glorify our heavenly Father who has exalted us in redemption above all creation.


Immanuel: God is with you!
Your friend,


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