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FaithWalk: Learning About God
9/17/2013 6:15:55 PM by: Ron Susek

FaithWalk: Learning About God

by Ron Susek

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      Everyone has one of two choices for worship: either the true God or a false one. The words of the mouth, the actions of the life and the use of time, talent and finances will reveal what each person esteems to be supreme.

      During the days of my youth I was deeply rebellious. It would be nice to blame it on a flawed upbringing, but I cannot. I was raised in a wonderful home. I can only blame my behavior on one thing; resonating with this world, I was wrapped up in self-love.

      Ah, that alone revealed my god. It was me that I worshipped. Life had to revolve around my wants and desires otherwise I made life exceedingly difficult for others.

      I could never relate to worshipping a Pagan god. I was deceived, however, unable to see that self-worship is an equally deadly god.

      Two months before my sixteenth birthday, my parents forced me to go to a Youth for Christ convention. They literally had to drive me there and stay with me to keep me from leaving. They didn't want to shove Christianity down my throat, but neither did they want to see me continue on my selfish, self-destructive path.

      Their plan and prayers worked, much to their relief. I saw over a thousand clear-eyed young people with a purpose and was struck with a desire to be like them. So, at midnight, standing alone on the boardwalk of Ocean City, New Jersey, I rethought my life. Finally, I prayed, "God, I don't have a thing to offer you, but if you can do anything with me, here I am, take over."

      My conversion was both radical and real. I immediately had the deepest sense of cleanness, and that gave me a profound sense of knowing God.

      Indeed I did know Him, but I did not know much about Him. Part of spiritual growth involves Jesus' words, "Learn from [of] me." The Bible also says, "Do your best [study] to present yourself to God, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth."2 

      So, walking away from a successful family landscape business, I committed my life to learn about God as revealed in the Bible. Having studied the Bible for over fifty years, I am still standing in the shallows of the oceanic depth of knowledge about God. I will do this the rest of my life. I would not surrender one second of the late nights and persistent searching in God's Word. Nor would I forfeit one valued teacher that God brought into my life; from a lay Bible teacher to those holding doctorates in doctrine and theology. To bypass God-given teachers is to inherit the results of ignorance and pride.

      I am sharing this story, hoping to encourage strong study of God's word as foundational to your life. This is essential to spiritual growth.

      FaithWalk is all about three areas of life: Learning; Knowing; Believing. Knowledge about God is the first stepping stone to knowing God, and knowing God is the impetus for faith action.

      Do not skip over step one or you will not land well on steps two and three. Each step demands a lifetime commitment for every Christian who wants to walk worthy of his or her calling.


Immanuel: God is with you!

Your friend,




Matthew 11:29 (ESV)


2 Timothy 2:15 (ESV)

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