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Silent Night / Holy War
The Epic Story of Jesus' Birth

The narrative is based on the Christmas story from Revelation 12. It's a book, once begun, you won't want to put it down. Satan mused to his wicked throng: "It will be easy to kill god while reduced to infancy. Easy! There is no way for him to overpower us now. God had the power to defeat us in the past, but this is our night of victory! He threw us out of heaven, but tonight we will throw him off this planet. This is our realm! I am the prince and the power of the air. Here I reign. Here God dies!" At that same instand, young Mary rearranged her position on the makeshift straw bed and cried out as her contractions became severe. The evil one's eyes widened like a wolf spotting the birth of a lamb. Cruelty dripped from his lips as he craved to pounce. But the moment Mary cried, the sound of a mighty wind was heard - asound greater than that of a thousand tornadoes in one. It was heaven's army finalizing its stance over the cave, planted firmly between the young couple and the hordes of hell. Satan became livid. His legions drew back. Mary cried again, and at once both heaven and hell unsheathed their swords.